We are based in Moorabbin, Melbourne. Some of the local areas we regularly service are: Cheltenham, Elwood, St Kilda, Toorak, South Yarra, Prahran, Richmond, Caulfield, Malvern, Armadale, Brighton, Hampton, Sandringham, Black Rock, Beaumaris, Mentone, Parkdale, Mordialloc, Chelsea, Edithvale and Aspendale.


If you are outside of these suburbs, don't dismay as we would be happy to travel to you!

Our Services

"Paint only reflects what it is upon. 

Consider the appropriate preparation for the desired finish. "


CLEANING We clean all surfaces to be painted, removing all surface dirt & mildew so as not to comprimise adhesion of new paint Mould removal & treatment may be necessary

Exterior surfaces may be pressure washed to remove built up dirt & loose material Door & window areas to be hand cleaned (Does not include window glass)

PROTECTION Vimoca takes every precaution to protect your property by taping, covering, wrapping or removal of hangings, furnishings, fixtures, carpets, plants, garden beds, deckings and walkways.

SCRAPING Removal of blistering, loose & peeling paint as to not compromise adhension & durability of final product

SANDING Both hand and power tools may be used in this process (Festool dust extraction is used where possible). This can include a light sand, removal of minor imperfections or resurfacing & restoring.

PRIMING Highly recommended to promote paint adhesion to suspect surfaces. Promotes acrylic paint adhesion when painting over previous oil based paints




Using plaster, cement or appropriate filler.

This can be glazing small shallow chips, dents & low range hair-line cracks up to resurfacing due to numerous chips, dents and large cracks.

Removal and treatment of affected areas to protect the integrity of surface & final finish.


Weigh up your options when considering whether to repair or replace an area. There are benefits in both choices.


Keeps moisture getting behind your new paint job, which is a major cause of paint failure. Thermal benefits. Caulking helps reduce drafts helping add energy efficiency to your home. It has a smoother appearance. A caulked house looks better.


Secures window, helps reduce moisture & drafts. 



PARTIAL PAINT For those small touch ups and repairs, we can colour match and blend into existing area.

FRESHEN UP 2 coats of similar/same colour, paint or stain to refresh and renew your space.

COLOUR CHANGE Changing colours to/from dark/light can typically benefit from a 3rd coat (tinted primer or finish coat)

MIRROR FINISH Receive that 'wet gloss' look on doors, windows & trims with 3-5 coats (depending on colour choice)