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#1 TIP for choosing your Interior Colour Scheme

Colours, Neutrals and Whites...

When it comes to Interior Paints there is just so many options to choose from, how on earth do you determine which is the right colour for your space?!

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing with you some great tips from our experienced team on how to best choose your colour scheme for your space.

#1 TIP: NATURAL LIGHT Contemplate the natural light which enters your space, how many windows are there? Which direction is the natural light coming from; North, South, East or West? Did you know that there is specific qualities that Natural Light has when coming from each direction into an interior? Here is an example:

• Eastern light: Strong morning light, yellow • Northern light: Strong throughout day, neutral light • Southern light: Diffuse light throughout day, cool/blue light • Western light: Strong at end of day, orange light

The light which your space receives will strongly influence the colour which you choose, as you can see above, each directional light has a hue to it e.g. yellow, neutral, cool/blue or orange, that hue will imprint onto the colour of your choice and alter the way in which that colour is seen within your space. Contemplate this, in conjunction with the time of day the room is used, to assist your colour choices.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thursday!